I did it, I made this come true! And you can too!

Well, it took a bit of hair pulling to beat depression but its possible; I made this blog! At first I tried to over complicate things by downloading “wordpress” in my laptop, design/program the website, then upload it. Then I said, Fuck it, let’s get this ball rolling now and then worry about the details later.

I think its best to get started with something small then work my way to larger tasks when I’m feeling low. The thing about depression is that it feels like a weighted vest in your thoughts/emotions. Every step feels heavier than it should be, so, small goals, they help, it builds mental/emotional muscles for larger tasks. Start with running a lap then call it a day. Congrats! You just ran one more lap than you did yesterday, next time run 1.5 laps, and so on. It’s like lifting weights, you don’t start with 315 on a squat rack, start with the bar. And work your way up. Hey, even professional weightlifters start their training session with only the bar. Form over… ego?

I digress, you get the point. If you are depressed. Work on the tiniest goals first (make your bed, take a shower, put on clothes) then work your way up if you can, and you know you can (you definitely know you can at least open your eyes when you wave up, that’s a goal too, which is to be alive).

Let’s keep in touch, going for a walk. Gotta accomplish that tiny goal.

With Love and Sincerity,


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