Only get a Pen-Name if your Dog doesn’t Respond to its Name


I kinda wish I continued with my old pen name because now, I want to express myself without the fear of…. you know

ruining my life.

but honestly,
Why should I be afraid of being myself?
What do I have to say that will hurt someone?
Why is society making me question my own self?

Why am I even saying why when I should just do?

I know I am not preaching hate. Anything controversial that may (will (most definitely)) be discussed is to provide a new perspective; to help build a solution with other ideas.

It can be completely wrong and that’s okay, but a piece of that idea may be the missing puzzle piece to a world solution and if I hide it because of fear, the puzzle will never be solved.


That’s what I am worried about?

Wait, what am I worried about?

I think I am just worried about worrying.

oo dogs are walking by, they are quite lovely.

Dogs are lovely.

A few weeks ago i had to take care of my brother’s dogs while he was on vacation.
I was pretty excited because I love dogs and his especially,

but Jesus Christ, I hated it so much.

His dogs are wonderful, extremely obedient and lovable, full of personality.


But god damn, like, look,

I wanna sleep in (lol),

having to wake up like at 6″00 am everyday just to pick up poop is not the cup of tea I desire to drink in the morning. and like,


I have to RETURN home, mid-day,

to pick up more poop.

Oh yeah pen names
So like

dogs get named when they are young, so they can understand what sound refers to them, as the individual dogs which they are. They don’t think another dog is named the same, they think their name is them. And I think changing their name, mid-life, will confused them, or just down right give them a mid-life crisis (Unless you’re a good trainer, then, do you (do dog trainers have a controlling complex? (let me know if you ever dated one)) And they behave as if they didn’t care who lives downstairs, or around them. All they care about is being themselves, to the best of their ability, and, most (fucking) importantly, without ever trying.

It just happens that dogs are always themselves.

I don’t know how I am going to relate this to pen names
but look,

You have a name, that’s you. It can be an ugly name, it can be misspelled completely wrong and for some reason, phonetic right (lol, english is stupid sometimes (always)),

but its you.

Its you




You are the only one with your vision and ideas

having a pen name sets an entity outside of yourself that is still yourself.

Its like when a company gets incorporated, It now becomes a legal entity in the eyes of the state. SO even though someone owns most of the shares of the of company, or was the founder, if the corporation gets sued for…


(lets make this dramatic just to add flavor)

the company gets shut down and the dude’s stocks are now worth nothing. But he will not go to jail.

(That corporation analogy worked at first, but then I lost myself. Whatever (the more you know!)).

(if you are scrolling through, stop here, this is basically it)

Having a Pen name can work if you can still capture the sincerity of yourself into your work, but don’t let the pen name entity be someone that you are not.

Don’t be a confused dog with a new name half way through it’s life, be you, call yourself whatever you want, just be you.

So to wrap up this weird arguement of a non-arguement,

Your name represents who you are, and that name can literally be anything you want it to be.

Just make sure it represents your true self.

With Love and Sincerity,
Jose Michael Rubio

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