Hello hello

If I told my 14 year self that I would be writing a book report (review(same thing(I think))) when I turned 26, for like… fun? (yes)

He would say,


Thank you thank you past me,


and also the greatest book ever written for Artists,

especially if you doubt yourself

(I am looking at you (I am looking at a mirror (no I am not, I am eating breakfast)))

[So, What About the Book]

I am not gonna tell you,

read it, then give it to a friend.


There is a reason why I am not gonna tell you:

The book jumps you into, from what I remember, oh god, I think… A little reason why he wrote the book?

Screw it,

the essence of the book is pure. It’s the most relateable self-help book I have read so far.

The author,

David Kadavy,

Will vibe (vibrate) with you in a very intimate and sincere level,

Like not sensually, but, Artistically

He will speak to the vulnerable you, the real you

He has interviewed many successful individuals from all industries and

(chews on cereal)


So like,


is pretty scary to dive into.

But, like a mother Kangaroo,

David (we are on a first name basis now ) will settle you down in his pouch, and show you how to

you know

(I’ll spare you the meme)

(but here is the link to the original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXsQAXx_ao0 ) (it will be our little secret (It’s so freaking motivational))

I hope this gave you hope to start,


(oh, and here is the book)

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

I am a future 7-time Oscar Winner, better known for my psycho-interpretation films, but I'll retire relatively young, only to continue writing screenplays in a small coastal village in Colombia. I'll allow Directors and Producers to film and produce my post-retirement stories after I pass away. In my will, the royalties will be given to the Mental Health Foundation, which will provide them with just enough money and resources to discover the cure for Alzheimer's. I'll continue winning Oscars after my death, but I will not know how many because it's past my time.

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