Why do I Watch Lore, Particularly “Star Wars” Lore? (Why??)


I am asking you (lol), why do I watch YouTube history videos regarding something that was..

Why? WHY!


(I am waiting for your answer by the way, because, I am confused (why?))

Like, WHY! (lol),

where can I use the information in a time that is right now in a galaxy I currently reside?

In a trivia thing at a bar? To add to a conversation about start wars at a party when no one was even remotely on the subject? In all honesty, I can’t remember most (all) of it and sometimes I find myself (purposely (why?)) watching THE SAME lore videos about Darth Vader.

And why should I care if it’s “canon” or “legends?” Essentially they are both fiction, but, for some reason, Canon holds more truth to something that is fiction. Idk, I need to pull out my College Discrete Mathematics text book and look into the logic section because

fiction =/= truth,

regardless if the fiction is derived closer to the source and timeline, which, is at the end of the day, fiction.



Like, maybe you watch Game of Thrones Lore videos. Why do you watch them?

The answer is gonna (probably (ummmm, 100% sure)) be the same as mine:

which we could say;

they are interesting? I like to watch them?

Be right back, gonna use the bathroom.

Okay I am back.

Like, why?

I’ll tell you something, you HEAR (err, read), are you ready for a truth (probably):

I am avoiding something

(What is the THING I am avoiding?




Candid and Live pictures of Myself forcing me away from YouTube and towards the truth about myself

{Now, This is an inner monologue to myself, you are welcomed to read into it (do it, use it as a template to fight for your dreams (You are your worst enemy))}

Jose, follow your dreams. Quit avoiding your destiny and


Man, I gotta use the bathroom, again.

Okay, I am back, where was I?

Oh yeah, this inner dialogue.

I AM STILL the Chosen one,


Oh and Happy 4th of July.

With Love and Sincerity,
Jose Michael Rubio

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