1: There is Art Inside You

Before you Die

Find YOUR Wilson

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.

Pablo Picasso

This is the first thing the book starts you out with, other than the prologue. One thing individuals forget (me (mostly me( lol, okay, me all the time))) is that he is human;

Pablo thinks,  gets anxious, has disbelief in himself from time to time,


he also creates, is brave, and fucking gives birth to Art,

he says to his ego “FUCK YOU INSECURITY (don’t pardon the language), I am the only person in this planet that could have ever created this painting.

Now, here a quote from the Author, David:

Your Vision is YOUR VISION

“no matter who you are, you really are the only person with that voice. And that is the thing to really lean into, even if it’s weird.” When Jon’s [referring the creator of the Blacklist, Jon Bokenkamp] scripts were being rejected, he kept reminding himself of this. He’d say, “I’m going to do my thing. That’s the one thing nobody else can do.”

David Kadavy




are the only one (the one and ONLY) that has your vision and its your god (universe (whatever entity you believe gives your art) given idea to share that with the world . Now, if you wait too long, you may find a version of your Art already bestowed in the market. I find that (personally) quite inspiring, in all honesty, it shows that your creative consciousness is on the right direction, it shows your ideas can work if you work on them as soon as they are given to you by the vastness of incredible depth which is the universal consciousness.

Now here is the following quote by David regarding:

Embrace Innovation, and Use it

Just as agriculture allowed us to spend less time chasing food and more time thinking abstractly, the automation of jobs will move what we call “work” up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Instead of spending our time and energy on tasks that can be automated, we can reconnect with our humanity – and our humanity is what makes us all artists.

David Kadavy

Don’t be fucking terrified at new innovations that are “replacing jobs.” AI is not replacing jobs, it’s merely a new paint brush, a new tool, for you to use to help give life to your Art (IT WILL SAVE YOU TIME).

Embrace the new, always learn what you can, David writes

People who believe they can learn, actually can (“growth mindset”). People who don’t believe they can learn, struggle to learn (“fixed mindset”). We used to believe that the brain stopped changing at a certain age, but now we know it never stops changing.

David Kadavy

Now I’ll end this Chapter with this quote from the Author:

It’s your DESTINY

“Not only is it your destiny to get it out, but it’s also becoming increasingly important for you to be able to find that Art and bring it into the world. You’ll be all the better for it. You could even say, you’ll finally be you.”

David Kadavy

Be you baby


Upcoming Chapter: Art is Self-Actualization

OH, and here is the book:

Read it.

(I’m totally not being paid to do this, but, David, If you’re reading this, DM me (\;^])-{-<== )

Notes derived from the 1st Chapter of Section I: The Laws of Art in the book, "The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating & Start Creating" by David Kadavy.

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