Romance in Colombia,

I met a lovely lady at (is it in? or at(just checked “Grammarly,” it’s in)) Colombia.

Nessy, her real name is Nessa, but I call her Nessy.

I met her on… Tinder, in Medellin, Colombia.

Let me close my eyes and feel our first few moments again.

Fuck it. I am going to type and let my heart speak.

I always



Wanted a romance in Colombia.

Like, ever since I was a little kid, I love relationships in general, but there was something about falling in love in a foreign land, especially in Colombia, that makes my emotional nerves


(that may be the first time I have ever used the word “flutter,” BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN)

It happened. lol, my god, it happened.

So OMW to Colombia, we landed at Panama City. SOMETHING

felt different about me. I felt, present.

I was exiting an extremely


toxic relationship, it made me feel like a blunt nose speed boat racing down a stormy sea. I was not myself.

But then and now,

I felt like I was cutting through the moments effortlessly, like I was a hot knife cutting through butter.

I WAS FEELING MYSELF, as the kids say, “living my best life.”

(hold up, just got a beer)

Then, BOOM, I found out I GOOGLE FI offers international Data as soon as I landed at Panama City.


I utilized Tinder, keeping my romantic dream in my heart, and,


just like that,

it felt like women on Tinder at the time was feeling my smooth Vibrancy through the air,

(JOSE, Nessy, fuck the story, Talk about her)

Well, Nessy and I began to flirt on Tinder, and instantly i felt she was a different kind of individual.

we texted through the app,

I asked for her number


now we are texting on whats app


we met


we met.

we met.

i’ll tell you later,

I’m hungry.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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