Be Flies to Nice,


At the moment, I’m eating a day old pizza my mentor/drinking partner gave me, with two pieces of thick-cut bacon on the side, and a bowl of plain spinach (yes, just spinach (only the leaves)).

Lol, so like, there was a fly chilling on my spinach just now, probably just trying to eat. And I instantly scared it off while cussing at it.

It kinda was a natural instinct to scare it away;

if there is a fly on some food, it could be yours, mine, or (probably) a stranger (na, i’ll probably let them know that there is a fly), I would scare it away then watch it fly around because

There it landed on my spinach again.

I scared off the fly, again, but,


Am I conditioned to despise it by social norms, or is it naturally to look down upon something trying to survive?

I think I have to really think about not scaring off any fly that comes near food, but

hold up

watch me transition and relate flies to my “Romance in Colombia” story

I spent 10 dollars for 12 beers and a bottle of water during my first Date in Colombia

Here, let me pop up some links to the previous blog posts that coincide (I can’t spell coincide (you don’t even wanna know what I typed hahah (thank you spell check for saving my whole career))):

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did you read it?

Don’t (fucking) lie to me lol,

Like I know YOU read it but I’m not talking to YOU, I am talking to the guy/girl/+ scrolling through this post on their phone (with a pornhub tab opened up…. friend me 😉 lol)



Nessy is a sweet lady from Monteria, Colombia.

She is half Afro latino and half Native Latino American.

And her skin,

It’s smooth and dark,

but somewhere under her skin, there is a layer of gold that glows lovingly under any light.

Her smile is Pure

and her eyes are always conscious of the present moment.

She makes me feel like a little kid with a crush, I literally don’t know how to talk to her.

But, in some way, only unique to her,

she makes it easy for me to be myself.

(this is where the fly transition will come in)

(are you ready?)

So on our first date, we went to a bar on a street of Medellin, Colombia called “La 70.” Great place to drink outside and chill at a bar,


hahaha, it’s also the street where my dad got roofied (I’ll tell you about that aspect of this date in another blog).

During our date, sometimes poor beggars would walk up to our table, selling literally anything they have on them, then asking for change if we refuse to buy their gum, toys, or dignity.

Nessy, would look away in sincere pity (not in a negative way, but, her face would show true care, as if she wishes she can help) for the beggars

And I waved them away


Like the fly that was on my Spinach.


Nessy asked me how I was able to brush the first beggar away, “It hurts my heart to see them like this” she said while staring at the beggar who is scanning around the other tables, looking for someone, anyone, who can help her.

I forgot what answer I gave her.

But I think it was “


I don’t remember at all.

((i’m) deep (-ly) pondering outside on my balcony near a busy Road in Richmond, Virginia, USA).

Mr. Fly (yes, I am talking to the fly that was on my Spinach earlier)

You can chill on my food anytime you want, because, honestly,

I have never heard of a fly that killed someone directly or indirectly.

You are a living being too, just like me, and just like YOU, reading this, and you who is scrolling aimlessly through life.

I’m playing baby 😉

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

(btw, currently been awake for almost two days in a row, rereading this is last kinda funny (I sound drunk(in love)))

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