The Sky seems almost Alien, a Refugee Crisis during a Time after Today, Short Film


So here is the screenplay called The Sky Seems almost Alien.

(my old pen name was j.r. LaVerde (he died, I’ll tell you in a different blog post))



It is currently written as a short film but it can be expanded into a trilogy of feature length films. The original synopsis and treatment has been lost. This is the latest draft I can find of this short film, but it is not the final, that too has been lost. But the essence of the story is still in this draft.

This was last worked on in the Spring of 2017.

I may continue to work on this, we shall see, I want to explore new inspirations.

Here is the ROUGH outline of Part 1 of the Triliogy:

Sky seems almost Alien: Outline

Lyndon is introduced in the story, the war on earth is not looking good. He lost communication with his family.

He finally communicates with his sister, which she then says that the their parents are dead.

Pervvy, Lyndon’s girl friend, tells her father, a senator, the story and asks if Lyndon’s sister can become a refugee.

Pervvy’s father then uses Lyndon’s story to get support to accept refugees. Passes a policy, in which Noblis starts protesting. Saying that there is not enough resources on the moon to support refuges. This policy will create a snowball effect (Policies will get softer towards refugees). Policy passes that relatives of residents of the Moon that are younger the age of 26 may enter the Moon

Lyndon’s sister makes it to the Moon along with other refugees, including two ex-soldiers from the social democracy and a cyborg from the infected.

Plot point 1

There is a huge fight that starts. Few people die

Nobilis uses this as propaganda while intensifying his protest. Saying that bringing refugees will only bring the war to the earth.

Supplies on the Moon start to dewindle

Moonlings begin to boycott and be aggressive towards earthlings.

Noblis starts his milita to protect Moonlings, his ideas, and bully earthlings.

The senate then grant Noblis a seat in the senate to calm the moonling. (They were protesting because they had no representation).

Senate pass a policy to grant more refugees to come even after Noblis brings out stats saying that the Moon will run out of resources in a few years.

Plot point 2

Noblis then marches to the senate with millions of moonlings behind him, demanding that they should cut refugees.

Non one knows who shot first, but a civil war begins on the earth.

Noblis ends up winning, but due to the damage caused by the war. They must leave the Moon within 3 years. Thus they plan to invade earth.

I’ll post detailed notes and ideas on a later post. If you wish to collaborate, email me at

(I need to sleep)

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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