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my god.

I am just got approved for my student loan,

I AM back at school!!!… for the LAST TIME.

lol, Yeah, It’s been a long journey:

  1. My freshman year was in 2011 (count with your hands (1,2,3… 8 YEARS ago(I have witnessed, i think, three college generations and dated a college girl from Generation Z…. Im a millennial)).
  2. Took a break (flunked) from school.
  3. worked dead end shifts
  4. went to community college after FUCKING WORKING 80 HOURS A WEEK AT PARTY CITY.
  5. did okay the first semester, but then BECAME A 4.0 student AND graduated cum laude
(Thank you thank you)

But then, after all the feet kissings was over..

What now?


(For the younglings (maybe (humor an old man real quick)), the difference between a university and a college is that a university offers higher level degrees, like, a bachelors, and a college can only offer associates degrees (aka 2 year degrees)

LOL and guess what every college (I only signed up for one) asked for, the transcript of my previous University.

You know, the one where I failed out and lost my self-esteem.

lol, well, they didn’t ask for it directly, They just expected me to submit the transcript. It’s required, but, like, it seemed like it wasn’t enforced. Being the good and dumbass I am, I still submited my beautiful, lol, i think, 1.4? .8? GPA transcript.

Let me show you a detailed story of what happened when they received my application:


Story of the other University reviewing my transcript

The other (FUCK IT, GMU) university review transfer board of death and coffee are currently making life changing decisions on the fate of strangers with hopes and dreams (and families( and.dogs)).

“Up next is….. Laura Smith” random board cat, who drank too much coffee to drink anymore, because you know, another cup will just give the cat more anxiety and dread than energy and the will to live (you know exactly what I’m talking about)
“She failed all her classes, and even some of her friend’s classes” random board cat says.
“But her parents did pay for our retirement if we just accept and make her a varsity athlete in a sport she never played in” said the cat that’s dead inside.
“Give her a full ride” every cat ever

(base on actual events)

Alright, I’m too tired to keep this story going, I haven’t slept yet. BUT THEY DIDN’T ACCEPT ME lol.


OMG I’m so tired,

i’ll wrap this up.

The old university, VCU, accepted me back. they didn’t give me financial aid the first semester I came back, WHICH, was Spring ( <— this is very important)

I had to pay for my education out of pocket.


(so how am I going to pay for the next semester, because atm I am living in the car (refering to Spring 2017, when I came back to VCU))

^ Did you read those thoughts ^

did you?

I didn’t have them at the time, I was only reiterating what everyone around me was saying to me. But I always believed, I HAD FAITH, that some how lol, Im gonna pay for my education.


because I was busy trying to survive in the winter by living in a car, future problems didn’t matter when its below freezing.

lol jk (not really) but I ended up getting 4.0 that semester, no big deal.

SO since it was the end of spring 2017, The new term for Financial Aid applications was being accepted.

you know, Fall 2017/ Spring 2018

(Im losing my will to speak (write) proper english)

I completed my application

and they gave me a full ride

for the year



A Picture of me writing this blog on no sleep

but then I totally fucking BOMB

I got into a massive, major depression, due to a lot of reasons, im too tired atm to give it justice and stuff

so I withdrew

FUCK YOU VCU, I am gonna flunk myself out my way, not your way

(jk jk I love you VCU)

lol, welp

Now I am a two time college drop out

But this time around I didn’t hide from the school.

I learned from working hard and being sincere that People are willing to help if you are willing to help yourself.

The school knew of my situation and I updated them sincerely, honestly, and genuinely of my state of mind and what was going on.

(basic list of people I kept in the loop; advisor, therapist, dean of students, professors, my OLD advisor, ETC)

(IM tired)


Im back in school,

and it turns out im graduating earlier than expected.

I may not have a full ride anymore, but who cares

the ride (free money) was fun while it lasted.

Im just glad I am able to finish what I started 8 years ago.

Im just glad

to be glad.

Graduation date: Spring 2020.

(9 fucking years (I could of been a doctor or a lawyer hahahaha))

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

(good night/morning to you, yes you (you))

Oh and P.S.

Here is a photo set that goes with the Blog (i think lol):

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