Forgive Yourself, Chloe


(I never thought I will ever have to write one of these when I was a young lad hahaha)

All names, locations, and any other item that can be identified has been rename, revalued and/or made up, unless it’s personal to me.

Males are named Chad(+) and Females are named Chloe(+). The + represents a new individual at the order of they are introduced in the posts.

During Each new post, all the Chads and Chloes are refreshed, meaning Chad4 may or may not represent the same Chad4 in all the other posts.

Final Disclosure: These events may or may not have happened 😉


This post is dedicated to my ex. I’ll begin with these opening words of forgiveness:

I now pacify her negative energy with these sincere words. Her words and energy does not affect me because they are come from her unconscious mind, a mind filled with pain, hate, and her past. I forgive her and myself, let’s find peace within this moment.

If you don’t understand the context of this blog, it’s okay, a lot of info was left out on purpose. But the essence of this post, forgiveness, will be felt and understood by your heart, as the only way to touch another heart, is to communicate by using our own.

Lol, Chloe, why the aggression?

All I asked was for you to stop using me as a means to an end.

Meaning, stop using me, stop taking advantage of me.

Stop disappearing after you get what you want, I would have been cool with a thank you.

lol, Chloe,

You know my mental state at this moment, you know exactly what I am going through, You were there and witnessed me at my lowest.

This belittlement was unacceptable. You have crossed the line.

lol, and honestly, you have crossed the line many, many, MANY, times.

That’s all you do really, that’s where you thrive,

you like to see how far you can go, then push that boundary towards the forbidden area.

That will be your downfall Chloe, as you have seen in every single relationship you have been in, your quest towards the forbidden has only brought toxic vibes towards the individual you love most at the time. It made you cheat on every single one of them.

Your lust for the forbidden is a ghost haunting you from your past.

The only way to dispel this Ghost is to forgive and live right now.

I’ve made mistakes Chloe in our relationship, and you made plenty as well.

But I know,

I did my absolute best to make you happy, even if it cost me almost everything I had.

I pity you,

I sincerely do.

You shouldn’t have suffered the way you did, no one should. But understand that if you continue to carry that evil hate in your heart,

No matter how justified the hate appears to be,

it will only postpone the sincere happiness and fulfillment you deserve, and hurt you and everyone around you.

I really hope, after those despicable messages, you were able to Find peace within yourself.

I hope you discover the power within yourself to forgive all of those that have wronged you, and most of all,

forgive yourself for your past demons too.

Ciao chica, I’ll see you sooner than you think, and

I hope you see me thriving when I return to school,

as I hope to see you striving towards your idea of fulfillment too.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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