The Cure to Major Depression… Observe the Mind Without Using the Mind.

Written on July 21st, 2019.

At the moment it’s 9:57am, a little toasty outside and the sun’s rays are heating up my laptop.

I’m sitting at the balcony of my condo in Richmond, Virginia, drinking instant Coffee (it’s good for the soul) from a Mug with a Huge “J’ on two sides of it. It was gifted to me 2 years ago by a lovely friend and mentor, Zhane.

(lol, hold up, my laptop is getting dangerously hot.)

(I’m gonna move inside)

(much better)

Last night, I’ve been englightened,

experienced nirvana,

by staring at the light of my surge protector in my dark room, while laying on my foam roller, in a mist of the start of a depressive episode.

The pain I was experiencing pushed me over a spiritual edge, and instead of countering the negativity with positivity, I just let the moment be as it is.

The details of the pain are of little importance,

And at that moment, I was laying on the floor with my Foam Roller, observing the only light emanating in my room, the “On and Off” switch of the surge protector.

Then it happened, I found presence.

I conquered Major Depression.

It sounds really simple,

and it really is.

Don’t think about, for your mind is the reason you experience pain,

just be here,

right now.

It will always be Now.

You cannot live in the moment yesterday or tomorrow

But only now.

Now, close your eyes (I shall do the same) and ask yourself this,

“I wonder what my Next thought is going to be?”

Then observe your mind, with your heart, with your 3rd eye, with your pure soul.

If your mind was silent while you observed it, congratulations, you have made your first step towards inner peace and enlightenment. Because, as you wait and obverse your mind, it will become a tool to help you solve problems of this present moment. However, you will realize that you don’t have any problems at this present moment.

If your mind was busy with thoughts, of the future or the past, then congratulations, you also have made the first step. Because if you realize you are not being conscious of this moment, then you are conscious.

Don’t think about it,

just be conscious of now.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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