The Key to Self- Respect is Extreme Commitment towards Commitments: Morning Blog, July 30th, 2019.

This morning, I woke up to my Pixel 2 ringing the “Cranked” tone; it was around 6:00 am. Why is someone calling me this early?

When I checked my phone, I first noticed that an event that I had created in my Google Calendar marked me as busy. Which it’s in “do not disturb” mode; indicating that this person is calling me for the second time in a row. It’s a setting I placed in my phone; I believe if someone truly needs help, they will call more than once, otherwise, I will contact them when I am free, then give them the attention they deserve. Then much more pressing matter arrose.

The fact that someone is calling me is not what’s important; it’s that I am still laying on my bed when I planned to be cycling.

So I stayed in bed, watched porn, and wallowed in my self-pity. Lovely morning. After an hour or so, I grabbed my phone, faced what I events I have missed this morning, rearranged my Google Calendar, and then got to work, committed on blocks, and only modified my calendar if the current event is a higher priority than the upcoming one.

Discipline is how I am beat my Major Depression before: Extreme Ownership of my established commitments to myself and others. This unwavering planning, facing one’s mistakes, and adjusting when needed is the key to happiness.

“We schedule our events so we do the things that we actually want to do”

Jordan Peterson, Clinical Psychologist

If I don’t plan, I’ll lose focus and direction, then lose the day to more porn and laying on the comfort of bed. It’s much easier to be a loser than to win.

I know Extreme Ownership of Keeping my Commitment to the commitments works because I believe in it, and believing in myself is the first step one must take to make wishes come true.

The block of time I set for writing is up, up next is to roll out my hamstrings. I am feeling like a dominant, decisive Man. Let’s change my dreams into realities. I hope, for your sake, you will do the same. Plan your day, face your mistakes, and adjust when needed.

Don’t have a great day, earn it. Good Luck. I know you will make it happen.

With Love and Sincerity,
Jose Michael Rubio

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