I woke up frantically at 10:35 am today, thinking I needed to help a friend move at 10:45 am. To my relief, she needed help at 12:50 pm.

It’s funny though; I remember last night thinking that I needed to wake up before 10:45 to help my friend, and I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm.

And it turned out that I didn’t even set an alarm for then . hahahahaha

Depression is a bitch but im overcoming it. The fact that I am writing this is proof to myself that it can be beaten.

This post may hold no meaning, but, in the big picture, the post’s purpose is to be a post for future posts to grow upon.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

I am a future 7-time Oscar Winner, better known for my psycho-interpretation films, but I'll retire relatively young, only to continue writing screenplays in a small coastal village in Colombia. I'll allow Directors and Producers to film and produce my post-retirement stories after I pass away. In my will, the royalties will be given to the Mental Health Foundation, which will provide them with just enough money and resources to discover the cure for Alzheimer's. I'll continue winning Oscars after my death, but I will not know how many because it's past my time.

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