What Egan’s Win in the Tour de France means to Colombia

From a perspective of a Colombian- American:

I’ve observed that Colombians have a magical passion for passion itself and for the passionate hero. We get behind an inspiration with such devotion that other cultures may consider it as mad or over-the-top, but we, Colombians, call that feeling love.

It’s a nation where someone feels instead of talk. Where the people who migrate away longs to return home. It’s a nation that believes that the impossible happens everyday in Colombia.

However, due to our past of extreme violence (because of the very passion for ideology and money), the innocence of our love is tainted when we present ourselves to the world; we are reminded of what we were. We find ourselves unable to believe in ourselves, our people, and our nation, thus lose the passionate magic of the divine inspiration.

But Egan, 

Egan did it, he broke our curse. 

He proved that we can move on from the thoughts of our mistakes, constant civil war, extreme ideologies, and Pablo Escobar. 

We can finally love what we do, and trust that it’s coming from our hearts, our people, and our nation with good intentions.

Egan, you may not know it yet but…

“This is the moment that could make Colombia one of the greatest cycling nations in the world. Colombia could be to cycling what Brazil is to football. This victory can help make that happen.”

The Guardian

You’ve inspired Colombia.
You’ve inspired me, a Colombian-American.
You’ve won the Tour de France, as a Colombian.

Thank you.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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