A Psycho-Interpretation: The Difference between Major and Mild Depression

I think the next demon, after Major depression has been knocked out, is Mild Depression.

(no shit)

Major and Mild Depression are two completely different monsters.

You see, Major Depression, from what I felt so far, can never be destroyed, but it can be knocked out. So it’s still there waiting for me If I ever fall back (Or choose to retreat back).

Mild depression is like the next challenger, he is a little deceptive. It’s genuinely easy to feel that everything is okay, and then suddenly feel as if I I’m bumming everyone out (but I’m not, it’s just in my head). Then I just behave as a timid version of myself, or really defensive, or really really quiet.

Then I feel okay,

And in the times that everything is fine, a slight depressed feeling hums in the background of my mind.

In the Background,


That’s personally dangerous.

(I’m getting too tired to continue writing so I’ll wrap this up)

Look, I can still be productive with mild depression, it just hurts like a fine and deep cut; no one will notice it besides me; it feels like a low resolution ,emotional vibration/ hum of sadness, it’s even felt when I’m working on something that normally brings joy and fulfillment.

It almost makes Major depression feel easier to deal with,

for at least I know I am extremely low, rather than dealing with a feeling of being half of my best self…



Mild depression, I can knock you out like I did to Major depression.

I am not afraid of victory.

I’m ready to be cured of depression once and for all.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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