Let’s. Get. Specific (Towards the Direction of our Aspirations). | August 9th and 10th, 2019

Do you know what is interesting, the cover art for video games.

Not just video games though, like retro video games.

Let me get specific

(Gets Specific)


Let’s examine this.

*examines artwork*

Is Fox [McCloud].. A costume? A Puppet? Let’s dive a little closer to this creature:

(Dives a little closer)

Look at him

How? Yes How?

How did this came to be?

The face is quite intriguing, let seems edited.

But is it?

Anyways, here what I wrote last night.

Hey, give these words a chance; think about them; let’s dive into a sensitive topic:

Do you Know what Negative Feelings Feel like?

It feels like an electric shock, vibrating in the most sensitive of nerves.

It starts then takes off like a wildfire, if not put out by positive energy early. The energy’s frequency shortens and strengthens, and it is felt like a high pitch skerench, it’s not heard though, to reemphasize, felt.

*A friend came in, his name is Donnie, he sat down with me after I finished setting up his living room lighting (yes, his livingroom lighting).

He is a good man (Super) Duper ADHD, you know, the one that is always off the walls

Actually, Fuck that clique.

He will always be in a conversation, wheather the person wants to or not.

**Hey Alexa, can you set the volume.



(fuck that italic look)

Look, I just had a conversation with this individual,

I think he goes by the name of Chris,

He asked about my laptop, I told him it was a Hellos 500 (I think it’s 500)

SO, I made a naïve assumption that he was a computer gamer, because

How would someone know about this laptop

I shouldn’t have assumed,

(This experience has humbled me, I am thankful for that)

Anyways, I started asking him about his laptop,

He basically murmured that he has a basic laptop

Then I let him know that his laptop is on sale! For a cheap price.

I was gonna continue elaborating about the specs of this device, but then

he Quickly mentioned he can’t, he has to pay rent

Pay rent

Pay rent

Pay rent

It got me feeling about my privilege, thank god.

But is it a privilege, In some ways it is, but look at Danny (Danielle, Donnie’s wife)

I’m Tired

I’ll probably elaborate on her accomplishments (of being only a few weeks away from being a PhD (doctor) person, she comes from an El Salvadorian background of poor immigrant parents, she had a tough life growing up and managed to work her way towards a doctorates), later.

The Point

I love myself, and the individuals who continue to defy the odds everyday. This post is for the underdogs, for the creator of “Star Fox”, for individuals like you and me that fight for their dreams til they come true; and there is nothing more nobler than that. Thank you, I am grateful for everything.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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