Men with Egos have the Silliest of Interactions; I almost got into a Fight Last Night | August 11th, 2019

I was out celebrating my brother’s 32nd birthday with his friends; everything was cool.

It was probably the most interactive and talkative I’ve been around my brother’s friends ever. I’m proud of that.

I digress, so this is what happened.

I don’t remember clearly how the interaction began,

but this dude was walking by me in a crowed club, and I said: “go ahead.”

Then we stared each other down,

I don’t know what he murmured

But I said, “okay, go ahead.”

and flicked my hands in a way I would do to an undignified individual.

Things escalated as he kept saying things that I did not care to remember. And I just repeated the same words that I began the conversation,

Okay, go-ahead

There was no fight,

Though I did add to my retort: “Keep walking.”

However, I was escorted out of the club by one of my brother’s friends because, if Interacted with him again,

I would tell him to go ahead,

I wasn’t trying to fight, there is not a reason to, but I will stand my ground and not be stepped on.

The Point

Fights are stupid unless you meet an mavalent individual, then fight, fight for your dignity, fight for your life, and fight to keep your soul. And sometimes, the best way to fight the Mavelent spirit, is to not fight one at all.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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