There is a difference between being Tired and being Sleepy | August 15, 2019

I’m having trouble sleeping, I really am.

I lay in bed at 10:00pm but I end up falling asleep around 4:00 am.

And always waking up at 11:00am

I am glad I got this consistency but my desire is to wake up at 4:00am, not fall asleep then.

What should I do?

I began taking melatonin two days ago to combat this, but it just makes me tired, not sleepy

(There is a huge difference between tired and sleepy).

I also end up feeling drowsy for most of the afternoon the next day.

So I am cutting off melatonin starting tonight, why try to ride a bike when the wheels are shaped like squares; I need to try something else.

So, let’s attack this differently, with a different approach; an approach that directs my attention towards a solution from the inside, instead of an outside source.

Where Did this Began

(hold up, I am getting coffee)

*gets up to get coffee (I am currently sitting at the second floor of my University’s Library, starbucks is down stairs)*

*stops half way down the stairs, realizing that I don’t have any money in bank account (thus the next best thing is filling up my bottle of water). I proceed to sit outside (it may rain, and it’s really humid ( but who cares, I love being outside)

(I’m gonna check my email)

*finds a nice, comfortable chair to lay on perpendicularly to the way it’s supposed to sat on.*

It’s Chloe (BTW, Chloe is an Alias I use for introducing any female that may be affected by this post, this Chloe is my ex), it’s fucking her.

Well, not entirely, it may be he fact that I am restarting my educational ambition for the 3rd time (not in a sense that I’m starting from the beginning, in the sense that I dropped out twice already, but now entering my 3rd attempt (tour, if you will)).

I’ll end this post here.

I have complete confidence that 3rd time is the charm.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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