Give this Current Moment a Chance to give Birth to the Next | August 20th, 2019

The time that I am writing this piece is 1:24 pm, of course, it will definitely be a different moment when it’s completed.

I am sitting in Snead Hall, the School of Business, listening to the song called “Baby Bye Bye” by Mac DeMarco, sitting across a woman with red hair and bangs, that has a lot of random stickers over the back of her laptop (I couldn’t decipher what any of them meant).

I just finished speaking to the new President of my Fraternity on what to expect as its Leader, I was the President last year.

It was a candid talk, I told him exactly what to expect within the next few weeks regarding the hell that is called “Rush Week” and the man that he represents, now being the President of an organization,

*Random, pretty older lady approaches the table where the woman with red hair and I are sitting (This woman is sitting across from me btw)*

“Hey, I am running a little survey on [some student org]”

*she holds up a piece of printer paper with two very similar logos, one at the top and one from the bottum*

After some comparison, the woman sitting across from me and I gave our answers. My first answer was the the top, because I purposely glanced at it to see which one captured my eye. But the woman sitting across from me choose the bottom.

So I asked to look at it again, just to give a much more thorough look.

I agreed, and changed my decision.

The bottom looked better.

Well, after the older lady left.

I introduced myself to the woman sitting across from me,

Her name is Erin.

This moment’s time designation is 7:50 pm, however, it will certainly be a different moment once this sentence has been completed.

I am now sitting in my room, typing this post.

and Now, completing this post, to give this new moment a chance to give birth to the next, and so on.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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