My Decisive Indecision led me to make an Indecisive Decision | August 22th, 2019

(My god, my morning routine is sacred

Why did I say, “My god” (err, write it)?

Just because it was the first think my heart wanted to type).

So it is Thursday August 22th, 2019 and I am writing this piece at my room, the current time designation of this moment is 11:00 am; but it will be a different and new moment once it’s finished.

So it’s the 3rd day of college for the Fall 2019 semester.

I don’t know what to write.

(Yes I do:

So I hung out with my ex (Yes, the one I wrote about on the last post) for a few moments yesterday, well, went for a walk to a restaurant called Kokonut Grill. It was unexpected, I was leaving Snead Hall (school building) with my headphones on, and when I looked back to hold the door open (I always check if there is someone behind me when I go through any door, this is a habit that will die with me (not mad)) and, that individual for this instance was her.

She was in a bit of a hurry when I looked back and held the door for her, it seemed like she saw me from a distance in the building and was trying to catch up to me.

How did I react?

Well (the definition of the word well, like, good).

I was a tad hungry, and she was too.

She asked where I was going to eat, I panicked ((I didn’t panic, I just gave her an answer I thought she may had wanted to hear. I truly wanted to eat at home) why?) and said Chipotle, then she looked at me (no she didn’t, she looked at the ground) with puppy eyes and said she wanted Kokonut Grill.

She began making excuses why we should go to Chipotle instead of Kokonut Grill; it’s far (the only one I can remember).

But since I was already catering to her, I redirected my decisive indecision to another decisive indecision.

Walked with her, we talk about student organizations.

Then her little called her, by coincidence, this individual was walking towards us from far away.

Well, now there was three of us going to Kokonut Grill, and I became dead silent (most likely due to my hunger) .

As soon as we made it to the restaurant, I told them that had changed my mind and wanted to eat at home. Why I did that?

Because my ex now has someone else to eat with.

I know her very well, she has an attachment (major) issue and has trouble being alone.

Was I just a body she recognized and trusted, that’s why she wanted to eat with me, Given our insane history? Probably.

There may have been another factor that caused her to impulsively decide to want to eat with me.

But I am going to end this post here, I had said enough and I have fulfilled with this post and the way I behaved).

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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