Before you Start a Personal Revolution, Ponder on a Toilet| August 23rd, 2019

Alright, let’s keep it real; at the moment I am sitting on a toilet on the 4th floor of my University’s main library

(Why am I writing this on a toilet, because I can (I find comfort in writing in a bathroom. Try it, if you’re ever anxious and have to write a paper (just let go (like you are pooping)))).

When is it the right moment to start a revolution? But before you even ponder about this question, let’s look up the definition of revolution:

Okay, let’s focus on the 1st:
Yes, this works. You pick your version of this particular definition of “Revolution”

Now, let’s revisit the question:

When is it the Right Moment to Begin a Revolution?

(Begin sounds better than start, there is more commitment with begin than start)

Now I am not talking about overthrowing a nation and changing the way it’s state is managed, I am talking about within a group of people.

Revolutions have the potential to happen every day our of our lives, we just choose not to “forcibly overthrow a.. social order” in favor of something new.

That’s a lot of chaos, a lot of uncertainty, and sometimes. why bother try to change something if it ain’t broke?

Here is an answer (or a few), it could be much better, because it’s holding you and everyone around you back.

Revolutions only have two outcomes:

  1. Extreme Failure and Regression or
  2. Righteous Change Towards the sacred Dream (or the corrupt empty dream that was tainted by Reality).

So? When is the best moment for YOU to start a revolution in your life

(I am done writing this (I’m sleepy))?

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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