“Forgive your Parents,” Painting (and Psychoanalysis of Childhood Trauma) | August 26th, 2019

Hello, so I painted this on the 24th:

“Forgive your Parents”


*Measures random canvas in the closet*

20 inches by 16 inches and made with acrylic, whiskey, (sadistic) stabs and slices with a knife, and duct tape on canvas (the back of the canvas, the sticky part is facing us (thinking (talking (writing)) about the dust tape)).

So, painting this was quite an experience, a perverted one, and, an innocent one. A devilish combo, a combo that are only seen together in the darkest thoughts and actions human beings can conceive and act upon (oh, and believe me, we are capable of bringing hell on earth (and heaven) to those around us and to ourselves).

I was feeling anxiously raw on the 24th and had this sick desire to paint. So I did, and while I was bleeding on this canvas, the experiences of my ex’s (INSANELY) broken past was happening before my imagination. I felt like a ghost watching the movie of her dark childhood. It was











naive, and



This transcendental journey helped me understand why she behaves the way that she does, it’s strange how our childhood still dictates the way we act to this day. I think people who figure that out are the ones who have studied psychology or who are brave enough to face the truth within themselves.

(oh and) Good morning.

(here is a better quality picture:

(I shamefully edited this to make it look exactly like it did)
(I felt dirty, here is the unedited one (I like the unedited one better now))


With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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