One Neglect Leads to Another (Wait… HOOOOOOLD UP) | October 5th, 2019

A pocket book saved my life back in 2015 (was it 2015?

*checks personal library*

Yes, August 22, 2015, my first entry:

  • for the gentleman’s duel, their partners will be painted on, solid colors
  • Tell mom is pay back VCU


Hold up, just one fucking second. Wait a second,


Did I just get an indirect, unwarranted cold shoulder from my roommate? Let me explain:

So I was sitting here, trying to bull shit a post (to get myself out of this rut (it’s not really a rut but my procrastination on cleaning out my closet, literally and figuratively)) then my roommate, my friend who is visiting from a far, and another friend who lives near me, let’s call this guy Jacob because that’s his real name. Anyways,

This motherfucker, let’s call him Bitch (because that’s his real name), had this conversation while I was on my laptop (looking up credit cards because I am thinking of having a pen name now to sincerely express myself (I know, I said I was writing but then I began procrastinating on that)):

“Hey, did you get [bitch’s bitch]’s Text” Bitch asks a direct question to Jacob.

“No,” Jacob laughs, “I’m looking at Iguana videos.”

Jacob proceeds to look at his phone to see what was the text.

Then they had some, like, what’s the word, under the table (?)

(I don’t really know what the word is but it will pop in my head)

conversation about what was the text about.

Okay, look, I don’t care about this part, people can hide the context of a conversation all they want, to say things that shouldn’t be said in public for any given reason, how-fucking-ever…………

Ummmmmmm, hello?????????????????????????

Oh yeah, I forgot to write the rest:

The Rest:

Bitch did not say anything to me.

Not one word, he didn’t say anything to Marlon too. So they (Jacob and Bitch) got ready to head to the bitch’s bitch’s place.

Cool, so they went towards the door, didn’t say a word about it to Marlon and I.

I knew something was suspicious, but being a good friend, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, they smoked like two hours ago.

As Soon as Bitch got to the front door, this is what he says “hey, Marlon, are you staying here or are you coming with us?”

Marlon, I forgot what he said, but it something in the area of,


Bitch repeats his question.

Then Marlon, (oh I forgot to say, he is the friend visiting), stands up to joins them (judging from his body language, he did not know where he was going, but he went along anyways because he has nothing to do).

The entire time, there were NO subjects said out loud but just verbs and pronouns.

And here I am?

Did I want to go? No, I am sick.

However, WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FRIENDSHIP? This was the most disrespectful form of passive aggression I have ever seen. I knew this man was known for that,

(There has been tension between him and I)

(I’ll probably write about it later (lol))

but no, not this time. Not anymore.

Fuck you Bitch, you lost your most loyal friend.


The pocket books have given me a chance to write down my thoughts and self assess my emotions. It also where I write my “to do lists,” favorite quotes, ideas (stories, business, etc), major events, etc.

They have evolved over time to fit my the needs of that moment of my life.

Now, I am on the 13th volume!

I honestly don’t know what to write about, I’m just procrastinating. So I’ll end this now by saying good night,

oh and clean out your closet before you help someone who you thought was your friend but actually is an unconsciously prejudice, insecure bitch who has memory and dominance problems, thus has a hard time accepting his mistakes and blames it on his friend that is too depressed (and suicidal) to stand up to anyone.

With Love and Sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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