Being Raised Catholic and It's Subconscious Ramifications Regarding Self Forgiveness and Destruction, Informal Introduction


Jesus Chirst, I must say, being raised catholic sucks lol,

in group therapy I found out that the source of my self-destruction was due to my Catholic upbringing (among other things..)

SO basically, I (super?) subconsciously believed that in order to forgive myself, I must suffer to the same level as the sin, how heavy the sin is subjective.

So, yeah, apparently the road to salvation for me was death?

(and the year of insanity with a crazy ex (this is from the other thing I discovered in my group therapy (well not really, I discovered it on my own:

[sike, I need to allocate my time to study for a Final tomorrow at 12:00 pm (I’ll expand on this post in the next)]



I’ll stop here.

With Love and Sincerity,

José Michael Rubio

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