An App for the Suicidally Depressed, #1: Brain Blast

I was taking a bath at my condo around 5:00 pm, feeling depressed

but hopeful

because I left my phone in my mailbox

(yes, it’s in my mailbox. Why?

I found that, at my current state of mind,

(Recently overcame suicidal depression, it’s in a weird stage of major depression and clarity)

positive loops (“one success leads to another,” Jim Rohn) are sensitive to distractions.

I’ve had multiple insidences where I felt free from depression and studied, normally (this is big), but once I look at my phone, boom, that flow is tainted, even if my intent to use my phone was for productive means.


That was my first sincere victory post-suicidal depression, my body was avoiding this by making up these unconscious excuses on why I need my phone.

Anyways, during my bath, I was reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. In chapter 5: specialized knowledge, it talked about that people……


(Oh my fucking god,

(I’ll tell you about it later))

not appreciate anything that is free. They appreciate it more if they have to pay for it.

I got to go, need to lift some weights.

To end, I have an idea for an application to coach Depressed individuals through depression. What makes it different than the other self-help apps is that:

  1. It’s simple
  2. It’s open
  3. It’s sincere

It will be designed by someone who suffered through suicidal depression and won, someone they can relate to, which will be felt within the design essence of the app.

Most importantly, they won’t feel alone in this fight,

in their fight,

in our fight,

Against suicide and the other forms of depression.

Let’s break the stigma on mental health.

With love and sincerity,

José Michael

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