At the moment, I am sitting on my gamer chair,
a little hungry, just got back from the gym, worked out my shoulders (fun);

it’s Friday, the 20th of December,


2019 has been a hell of a year; I’ll tell you that.

I don’t have much to say today, but here is a quote that you might find useful (add it to your mental library of quotes of emergency, you know, those phrases that keep you going (the simplest ones tend to be the most meaningful)).

When you get something too soon, you’ll trip on the step you missed.

With love and sincerity,

I am a future 7-time Oscar Winner, better known for my psycho-interpretation films, but I'll retire relatively young, only to continue writing screenplays in a small coastal village in Colombia. I'll allow Directors and Producers to film and produce my post-retirement stories after I pass away. In my will, the royalties will be given to the Mental Health Foundation, which will provide them with just enough money and resources to discover the cure for Alzheimer's. I'll continue winning Oscars after my death, but I will not know how many because it's past my time.

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