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currently, I am remotely Interning for a Computer Software company called AMC Technology

( [and] yes,

I do find myself explaining that it’s different than AMC Theatres).

What an opportunity to explore!

I studied Financial Engineering at VCU (currently studying Finance) and found myself fascinated (and incredibly frustrated) with software development, more specifically, Artificial Intelligence. Studying Finance became a means to an end, which is entering into the world of numbers in action (fundamentally, what software development is).

You see, the curriculum for Financial Engineering comprises Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology, and Computer Science. It is within the School of Business, but its commitment is surmountable to the School of Engineering’s, however, as engineering students like to argue which major is the most difficult in the entire school, since Financial Engineering Students is interdisciplinary, and a new frontier in Finance and Software Development, it’s up to us to define

*receives Microsoft Teams group message from the Software Architect*

what is Financial Engineering.

So here I am, defining Financial Engineering in action, with numbers (and plenty of frustrations).

Let’s get back to exploring.

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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