Applying Empathy and Imagination to Predict Stock Market Patterns, Blog/ Part 1


(alright let me pause this youtube video with Eckhart Tolle)

(my fingertips feel cold, it will warm up after this)

So it’s April 1st, 2020 (10:21 am as I am typing this). Good morning so far (and good morning to you (reader)),

Stock market is falling but it will rise again. What makes a good trader is sensing when these changes occur. How to sense it? Well,

hold your breath,

make a wish,

count to three:

(Be right back, eating breakfast (it does have to do with the imagination [and applied empathy])).

Applying Empathy and Imagination

So here are the definitions of empathy and imagination

(I like to look up the definition of words that I know so I can grasp the essence of what it really means (and to see if I am using it correctly and effectively)):

(brb, going to sit outside, feeling stressed).

Got to go, I need to help my parents file an appeal for unemployment benefits.

(Internalize the two definitions, I’ll post more about this in another post)

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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