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Hello everyone,

My last post was a paper I wrote recently for my Security Analysis and Portfolio Management class at College. My professor really enjoyed it, though it was five pages away from the required ten (lol); even with that, I passed it and received praise (I got to thank WordPress and the developed habit of blogging [and Grammarly Premium, because of you, I now know how and when to use a semi-colon (big deal)] for giving me the medium to practice writing with my heart. With each blog post [and Grammarly’s surprising corrections], I developed the skill to transfer telepathically, not just ideas to the reader’s mind, but to relate with their soul by continually fostering the courage to be sincere.

I know the paragraph above is relatively long for my blog posts, which are filled with one-liners and sentences that start in one paragraph and end in the next (and thoughts [within thoughts]). However, I just wanted to illustrate that, though English was a language that I struggled to master (due to past trauma which subconsciously blocked me from opening up to the act of communication itself (I made a private post about it)):

anything can be achieved with love and sincerity.

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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