A Page a Day Keeps the Dream Alive, Part 2

The screenplay is underway. It’s ugly, but it’s progressing, and that’s what’s important.

A major obstacle that I threw out the window was projecting a perfect rendition of my work onto an unfinished story, which inhibited me from finishing it in fear that it would not live up to my superficial standards, thus ending with a half-finished project. How I did it was simple: write one page a day and let it suck.

Figuratively, I kept throwing what my heart believes is to be correct onto the screenplay and let it be. Otherwise, there will be a blank page and an unfinished dream. This technique of “letting it suck” and a vow of “One screenplay page per day” managed to produced 14 pages in 14 days. Yes, there were days I knew I was writing poop. HOWEVER, I usually discovered thoughtful pieces to add to the story at the end of the poop.

Today, I managed to write a geninue outline to help complete the story. You see, after the 14 pages, I found the soul of the screenplay and the direction it needed to go; with that essence, the outline came to be.

Here is the draft of the synopsis:

Mhikey is a talented artist living an unfulfilling life, working in a mechanic shop, and surrounded by bad influences. Haunted by past mistakes and traumatic circumstances, he tries his best to break the chains of karma, only to find the shackles tighten as he pulls away. His biggest vice is never finishing his projects, but all his dreams could come true if he did. It’s a story that many of us are living today, and I hope this will serve as a guide for those living in the dark.

Thanks for reading.

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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