Forks in Screenplays, an Update on Half

An interesting dynamic when writing a screenplay is discovering a fork: when the story has two opportunities towards two different directions. I came across that last night while writing Half, a story about a talented and underachieving Artist name Icarus who struggles to complete his art because he is afraid that his best work isn’t good enough.

The story is being written in sections; some days, I start at the end, somewhere in the middle, or reintroduce the beginning. With this approach, it takes discipline to follow the outline AND an open mind to accept new directions. At yesterday’s fork, I decided to stick with the outline while noting the possible expansion to be reviewed during the 2nd draft.

The goal of the first draft is to finish. Thus, stick with the plan and keep track of any alternative routes. There is always a possibility for rewrites in sequential drafts.

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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