The First Draft of “Blank Canvas”: Completed

(Formerly called Half)

I did it! The first draft of Blank Canvas is done! It has manifested into a surrealist film due to my recent endeavor to jot down my dreams into OneNote.

The logline is:

It’s about a talented, underachieving artist name Icarus who struggles to complete his art because he is afraid that his best work isn’t good enough.

The synopsis:

Icarus is a talented artist living an unfulfilling life, working in a mechanic shop, and surrounded by bad influences. Haunted by past mistakes and traumatic circumstances, he tries his best to break the chains of karma, only to find the shackles tighten as he pulls away. His biggest vice is never finishing his projects, but all his dreams could come true if he did. It’s a story that many of us are living today, and I hope this will serve as a guide for those living in the dark.

What’s next?

  • Revised and proofread the draft
  • Bound the draft around friends and receive constructive criticism
  • Review the input
  • Finalize script
  • Submit the screenplay to competitions as a pilot

What a joy!

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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