Mineral Water | Filming with the Canon XA50

So I edited another film:

It’s called Mineral Water because the city is called Mineral, it’s near a lake called Anna (Lake Anna), and the filtered water tastes like mineral.


it’s my first experience with my new Camera, Canon XA50 with a Rode VideoMic Pro Supercanrdioid Shotgun Condenser Microphone. This is what the equipment looks like:

XA50 with Rode Video Mic Pro
XA50 with Rode Video Mic Pro

It was edited in Adobe’s Premiere Rush 1.5, though I did dabble with Premiere Pro 2021.

A Self Critique

  • Plan the day to help direct the film- It was quite spontaneous. Next time, I want to have a rough itinerary to capture the proper clips because there were many redundant clips. Also, to scout the environment to discover best locations to shoot with the aid of the loose itinerary.
  • Learn how to optimize the RODE Mic with its built-in options.
  • Learn how to utilize the proper settings for the XA50. There were a couple of clips where the background light caused the foreground to be completely dark.
  • Utilize GitHub for version control during editing. That way, I can revert any changes if needed.

A Quick Review of the Canon XA50

Disclaimer: I used the default settings and did not explore them fully.

Pro: Top Handle

The top handle increases the versatility of shots, such as a steady low-angle shot. It contains a record button, zoom toggle, and two audio channels and their configurations.

Top Handle
Top Handle

Con: Price, Anti-Candid, & Battery Life

At the time of the purchase, the Canon XA50 cost $2,199.00. I purchased it from Amazon. Its selling point is it’s 4k capabilities at 30fps and 1080 at 60fps– this allows for slow-motion at 1080p. However, with the latest phone carrying these options already, this 2019 camcorder may quickly become outdated.

With the Top Handle and a Rode Mic attachment, it draws a lot of attention. People will be aware that they are being filmed, thus losing the purity of the moment (that’s my perception).

Expect a battery life of a hour and half, so purchase spare batteries.

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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