Empower your Angels | Second Draft of ‘Blank Canvas’: Completed

Well: the second draft of Blank Canvas is done. It’s 33 pages, a standard length for a 30-minute pilot. The first draft started as a projected short, the second draft ascended into a pilot, and now it’s being tailored for a feature-length film.

[How do I feel about it?]

It’s being written for me. There are other projects with higher ceilings, but Blank Canvas is a personal endeavor. The story may be quite unrelatable, but that may be why the audience can relate to it; it’s raw. It teleports them into a perspective that promotes vulnerability and inspires others to face their demons & empower their angels. I don’t expect you to understand Icarus (the lead) but to support him. And I think that’s the goal of Mental Health Awareness: to produce a supportive community.

Blank Canvas will be published once the final draft is complete. If you wish to collaborate, my email is contact@josemichaelrubio.com.

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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