Thoughts of the Morning- Feb 28th, 2022: Ruble Trouble | Crypto Opportunity

Exactly where I wrote this post.

Well. This is a new segment in my blog, Thoughts of the Morning: Every morning (starting today), I will write whatever comes to mind. So let’s begin:

An Imagative Russian Perspective on their Currency

Well. The Russian invasion is all over American news as if it was the only war occurring in this world, but that’s not the point here: it’s Russia’s currency, Ruble, and its reallocation to crypto (Super speculation but hear me out). You see, if I were living in Russia, my number one objective would be to save my paycheck, and what better way to do so than to dump it all in crypto until the Ruble stabilizes.

However, I am not living in Russia, and this imaginative perception could be a collective idea for the Russian people. Meaning: invest in cryptocurrencies because Russians could exchange their Ruble for it; MEANING: the price of crypto will increase.

[Invest at your own risk.]

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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