Thoughts of the Morning- March 2nd, 2022 | Undefeated in Market Predictions (!) & Blank Canvas Update: Deadline Set

Woo! 1-0 on market predictions in Thoughts of the Morning— a series where I write whatever comes to mind in the morning.

Well, Crypto is up, and the hindsight market news declares it is because Russians are dumping their Ruble into Crypto. The next prediction regarding this topic is once War in Ukraine is over, there will be a big rush back into the Ruble (since it’s so cheap).

1-0, lol; I honestly made a modest gain from it. Pulled out of Crypto after the first jump:

bought at $2663.36 and sold for $2801.16 (The marks are an approximation).


How is Blank Canvas Going?

I’m tossing the latest draft in the toilet– then pull it out and dry it under the sun.

The 5th draft will be an overhaul of the story: cutting much of the dead branches and leaving the direct message of the story: know yourself. Expect a short film to sprout out of this.

The plan is to finish this June.

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

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