Vice Aware: BC Script Update

Alright, enough running away from Blank Canvas:

In March of 2022, I rehauled the story by cutting out a story arch that was not in my authority to discuss: the consequences of infidelity. The new scene outline roared into existence, followed by a genuine opening scene, but my consciousness hazed out of the plot as I found the protagonist, and myself, tangled in hesitation. And for the past month, the thought of producing a treatment remained just a thought. However, is a treatment necessary for this instance?

This is the source of such hesitation: sometimes, I impose my creative juices into a ridgy funnel called a proper creative process- steps that facilitate the development of art when harmonized with imagination can produce coherent depth- but when standardized, they can limit the curiosity of ingenuity. Alas, I merely stare at the blinking “|” on the screen until my desire is muddled by indecision.

It’s not writer’s block- a myth contrived by the fearful and the lazy- but it could just be procrastination, which is the fusion of fear and laziness. That being said, the awareness of this vice is the first step to conquering it, which is the moral of Blank Canvas:

how to be self-aware of vice, then utilize that awareness as kindling for positive change.

It’s April. The deadline for the final script is this June, two months and some change away.

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio

April 6th, 2022, 5:55 am.

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