A Steady Update on “Studio:” a Redemption Story for the Cancelled

“Slow and steady [!] wins the race.”

A heavy empathize on steady (let’s google search the word:

–And now, let’s focus on the 2nd definition of the adjective:

–That exemplifies the latest update on my screenwriting progress journey).

I’m almost complete with a soft revision of Studio— a redemption story of a cancelled dropout. I last worked on it in 2015, before my education in screenwriting; thus, the goal of this revision is to properly format the spec script while noting possible changes in the plot.

Now the cancelation theme of the story is planned to be infused in the next revision. At its current state, it’s the redemption story of a privileged-revoked dropout. The fall from privilege aspect will still be present moving forward; however, with the raunchy characters in this partially true story, there is an opportunity to discuss the lives of post-canceled individuals and their possible reintegration into society.

With love and sincerity,

José Michael Rubio

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