Lines are Dead

[Okay, Jose, write something (anything)] So I wrote this on my whiteboard: It’s a little reminder that time isn’t unlimited. You see, these are my targeted deadlines for two screenwriting competitions: I aim to submit two scripts: a short and a feature. The short, Matador and his Depression, needs a few touches, and the feature,Continue reading “Lines are Dead”

Brushing too Hard

It’d be a good while, huh? Since a word has been written, and you are reading this (and if you’re new, let me introduce myself: I am a human being) My life seems to be slowing down, and my routines are hardening. It looks like that’s what happens after 29 years after birth. I stillContinue reading “Brushing too Hard”

Conscious Unconsciousness

What do I write about (?): I’ve been reading consistently, currently Archetypes and the Collective Unconsciousness by Carl Jung and three other books– I’m not a bookworm: I read multiple titles because I find it constipating to read just one book at a time. The book I highlighted has been self-liberating, it brings into consciousnessContinue reading “Conscious Unconsciousness”

Blank Canvas: Shelved

Let me say it: Blank Canvas was not published last month. In its current state, the intended message of the story got lost while filling holes in the subplot, and the array of possible patches strays from the main plot. Thus, instead of blindly writing nonsense to complete the screenplay, Blank Canvas‘ dignity will remainContinue reading “Blank Canvas: Shelved”

21 days till Blank Canvas

The past few drafts of Blank Canvas were complete overhauls then empty busts; the inspiration began hot but quickly cooled to a dead freeze. But here I am, flirting with the original story, but this time it feels fresh: it’s been a few months since I read this rendition of Blank Canvas. The separation spoutedContinue reading “21 days till Blank Canvas”

Thoughts of the Morning- May 1st, 2022 | A Collaborative Film Opportunity

Greetings. There is an important update: I am embarking on a collaborative journey with filmmakers to submit a film to Sundance 2023. It started with a call for screenwriters from an Instagram story- I responded and then networked with Director Shyra. This is a great opportunity. With love and sincerity, Jose Michael Rubio

A Morning Routine

The morning begins with a singing bowl mediation by Temple Sounds. Thirty minutes into it, I read an uplifting book– for this instance, it was Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. The end of the meditation concludes the reading session, then I ask myself: “What good shall I do today?“ TheseContinue reading “A Morning Routine”