Romance in Colombia,

I met a lovely lady at (is it in? or at(just checked “Grammarly,” it’s in)) Colombia. Nessy, her real name is Nessa, but I call her Nessy. I met her on… Tinder, in Medellin, Colombia. Let me close my eyes and feel our first few moments again. Fuck it. I am going to type andContinue reading “Romance in Colombia,”

With Love and Sincerity,

It feels like I’ve been away. Has it really? I don’t know (I don’t want to check (lol)). Okay. Wow, let’s just say its been a hell of fucking summer. Like; HOLY cow (shit ) Like; (did you watch that whole gif (watch it one more time) sincerely)), that’s exactly how I feel, it allContinue reading “With Love and Sincerity,”

6. Go for the ‘Pump’

(lol, this video nothing to do with the book but everything it has to do with the idea of ‘the pump,’ as a metaphor) These highlights are derived from chapter 6 of the Book, The Heart to Start by David Kadavy Opening quotes: The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference Eli Wiesel “MonotonyContinue reading “6. Go for the ‘Pump’”

5. The Voice

These highlights are derived from Chapter 5 of the Book, The Heart to Start, by David Kadavy. I’ll try my best to condense this chapter, but honestly I find myself highlighting every single letter and space between letters. Opening Quote: If you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it hasContinue reading “5. The Voice”

4. Curiosity First

These highlights and notes are derived from Section II: Chapter 4 of the book The Heart to Start by David Kadavy. Opening Quote: It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength…What is done in love is well done. Vincent Van Gogh “Your will to start making your art has toContinue reading “4. Curiosity First”

3: Your Ego Fears Your Art

These highlights are derived from Section I: Chapter 3 of the book The Heart to Start by David Kadavy. The Self wishes to create, to evolve. The Ego likes things just the way they are. —Steven Pressfield This next Quote will be the last question your ego will ask: “When you’re too scared to start,Continue reading “3: Your Ego Fears Your Art”