My Affair with Photography

My relationship with photography matured as I experienced life. You see, the essence of a great photo is the weight of the moment when it’s captured. It requires humble attention and genuine understanding.

During my youth, I perceived photography as creative cheating. The reason: all it takes is one moment to capture a great photo, and that bothered me because other mediums required time (and the photographers would receive ‘As’ for “Less work”). But, after grade school, that distaste for photography grew to an appreciation of what it captured.

In 2011, a Canon Rebel T9 was gifted by a close friend, mainly to shoot film– my true love. And, from time to time, I would take photos of college adventures– and discover sudden peace–and trips to Colombia– and found that flowers sing in silence. These two categories were usually lumped together with the array of other photos when I published them on social media. However, as I began to understand the essence of religions and spirituality, I became more attentive to these moments.

With love and sincerity,

Jose Michael Rubio