Current Project:

Blank Canvas (SHELVED)

Icarus painted a masterpiece that lands him a spot at a local art show, but he cheats on his muse and relapses into a deeply-rooted vice of half-measured paintings. Now self-aware of this pattern, he reluctantly seeks to mend the cause and then paint before time runs out.

~30 minute short

Recent Drafts

[To be remastered]

A thin string pulls you gracefully forward. What habits if it breaks?

~45-second experimental

It’s 2020, and Jackson quarantines in a mundane room, but the self-isolation loops his vision into the gutter.

~8-minute short

A surreal thriller, Jose finds himself trapped in an ancient coliseum. His only escape is into the dark arena, where a timeless beast awaits for his prey.

~6-minute short

It’s the year 2150, and Earth escalated into a species-ending conflict. Lyndon, an Earthling, who studies at the Moon station, Sputnik One, is dangerously discriminated against by radical Moonlings who perceive Earthlings as the cause for their mother plant’s demise. With tension rising, and a refugee sister, Valentina, to protect, he must do what he can to survive.

~15-minute short

*On Deck to be Remastered for feature length Film

Cinderella musters the courage to break the norm with a new colored shoe in a red shoe world. What are the consequences?

~2-minute short

A naive, privileged, yet uniquely charismatic college student, Chad, faces his first life crisis: His parents are getting divorced because his father came out gay, and they can no longer afford his college tuition.

~90-minute pilot episode

*Disclaimer: My first ever screenplay, needs to be formatted properly